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Drawing from the best of Zambian, British and southern African independent school traditions, Trident schools aim to offer an outstanding holistic education to all our students.


Trident Group

The Trident Group of schools opened for the first time in September 2013, when we took over a Prep School in Solwezi.  Since then we have set up two more schools: one a prep school two hours distant in remote Kalumbila and a secondary school, Trident College, set outside Solwezi on a beautiful 50 sq km game reserve.  They have been set up with the aim of being the finest independent boarding and day schools in the region, offering an all-round education, preparing young people for future leadership and success in the professional world.  Currently they offer boarding from the age of 9 and day students can begin from the age of 3, with plans to open pre-nurseries from the age of 18 months in the near future.


Teachers are drawn from both Zambia and around the world, with particular emphasis on UK pedagogy and international curricula with what we do academically centered on the Cambridge International Examinations curriculum.  We also aim to offer vocational/technical qualifications to provide for those students who are more technically, rather than intellectually gifted.


The opportunities in our school are myriad, not just because of the great classroom teaching on offer, but also because our students have the chance to take advantage of great facilities, plenty of green space and excellent coaching and tuition in sport, music and art.  All this goes towards preparing grounded citizens, ready to go to top universities, into first rate careers and to lead from the front.   We take a holistic view to the development of our young people and, more than anything else, believe that if you coach children to be upstanding individuals who take responsibility for their actions, they will do well in all spheres of life, whether in academic work at school or in working life beyond school.


We are proud of our Zambian heritage in this country that has remained at peace throughout its 50+ years of independence, but equally we value internationalism and drawing from other cultures where it strengthens us.  All our schools have a Christian ethos, but it is not a narrow one: we are open to students of all faiths and none.


This is, of course, just a beginning for this group of schools, aiming to provide cutting edge education to all those who cross our threshold.  We certainly aim to expand our brand and ethos across Zambia and beyond.  Do get in contact with us to see what we are about; we are happy to share our ambitions for our most precious future resource: our children.







The Trident Group


Educore Services provides world class, sustainable education through all its schools and colleges.


The Educore family includes three school groups providing inclusive education at all levels of the community, and at our Educore Teacher's Academy.



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