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Trident Prep Solwezi


Ms Kirsten Lightfoot Headteacher

Name: Kirsten Lightfoot

Nationality: British/ Zimbabwean

Expertise: Headteacher


Currently being updated


Ms Bwalya Mfula

Hi my name is Ms Bwalya Mfula, and a mum to two wonderful boys aged 20 and 7 years old. I come from a family of 6 and I am the youngest.

I am an easy going person who adjusts easily to various situations and I consider myself to be professional in my duties as a teacher and I am always open to new ideas. I have always made it a personal goal of mine to try and get to know most of the children from the early years to the seniors by chatting to them and taking a personal interest in them and have found that the children are able to interact with me freely and find me approachable.


I have a Bachelor’s degree specialising in Early Years from 3 to 6 years. I lived in Australia for 10 years and obtained my degree in Canberra at the ‘University of Canberra’.  I also have a Diploma in Travel and Tourism which I obtained in Melbourne and I worked for the Zambia National Tourist Board as Assistant Marketing Manager in Sydney and Reservations, Marketing and Guest relations Manager for Tongabezi Lodge and Batoka Sky in Livingstone.


I worked at Lusaka International Community School for 18 years up until last year, where I taught in the early years, Reception, Year 1 and Year 3.  Just before moving to Solwezi, I was a Reception teacher and Vice Principal of the early year’s department.

I am very passionate about teaching young children and it gives me great pleasure to see how children I have taught progress through school till they graduate and I get great joy seeing the children’s faces ( and the parents too ☺ ) when they accomplish a skill, such as writing their names, learn how to read or even just tying shoelaces. I have a wonderful sense of humour and I love to sing and dance as well.


My hobbies are baking, reading, listening to music, community service activities and travelling. I also love a good game of one day cricket, especially if my teams Australia or the West Indies are playing. I have a great interest in working with children with learning disabilities and am looking into pursuing a master’s degree in speech therapy in the near future



Mrs Jayne Watts

I have lived in Zambia since 1976 when my parents came to work on the Copper Mines for a two year contract. I attended Fulneck Girls School as  a boarder and went on to get a B’Ed Honors degree in physical Education from Carnegie Leeds Metropolitan University. I returned to Zambia upon getting my degree.

We moved to Solwezi 5 years ago and I have a son in Trident Prep and a daughter in Trident College. My husband works for First Quantum.


I currently teach Art at Trident Prep and love seeing the amazing creations that each child makes during lessons.

I like to play golf and if I have any spare time I love to cook,  embroider, cross stitch and other crafts. My latest find is teddy bear making.




Mrs Sarah Jane Keevil

Sarah-Jane Keevil – Year 5 teacher and Key Stage 2 Leader


I am a happily married mother of three gorgeous children: Gareth (born 2002), Zak (born 2004) and Abigail (born 2006).


I was born and educated in Zimbabwe.  Straight after leaving school, I studied Equine Science (Yes I am horse crazy!) at De Montfort University in England.  Later, when married, I studied for a Bachelor in Nursing at UNITEC in New Zealand – which I loved.  Lastly, I achieved a Cum Laude in a Bachelor of Education through UNISA.


I taught at Ruzawi School, Marondera, in Zimbabwe for 5 years.  I love teaching all subjects but I think my forte is in Science and Mathematics.  I enjoy sports, but in particular: running, cycling, hockey, swimming and horse riding of course.  I absolutely love the outdoors and given any opportunity - I am in the bush!


I am currently teaching Year 5 at Trident Prep and I thoroughly enjoy my job, the children and my colleagues.




Ms Claire Chabeteni

Claire holds a Masters Degree in Development Studies from the University of the Free State and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from the University of Zambia.  She has held the positions of class teacher, senior teacher and deputy head teacher. She has taught classes ranging from nursery to Year 6.


Currently, Claire is the nursery class teacher at Trident Prep School. Claire enjoys teaching children in nursery because they are so full of energy, fun and exciting to be with. They love to construct and create. They also love to break up things and try to fit them together again! They love to experiment and explore.  Just as well they learn through play. Nursery children are never sad for long, they don’t keep grudges. Even after a “fight,” they quickly shake hands and make up. Nursery children need a reassuring hug from the teacher every morning. Claire loves to see both the radiant faces and the gloomy faces of children every morning. She knows it does not take long to have all the faces beaming with all the fun waiting. She is thrilled to see children mature through the year and get geared to go to Reception.


In her spare time, Claire loves to discuss and act on issues of Social-economic justice with fellow members from CCJP, where she is very active. Her fellow club members from Lusaka always ensure that she is kept up to date with recent developments and involves her in all club activities whenever she is on break from work. Claire loves nature. She keeps a neat flower garden and watches nature documentaries whenever time allows. Claire also loves to read, watch TV and go out for a meal on a Friday in the company of her friends Sheila, Azalaza, Sam and Juven.





Ms Kristen Bauer

Kristen Bauer has been teaching in Solwezi since September 2012.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from St. Norbert College in the USA.  Kristen is a passionate and highly motivated educator.  She is always looking to integrate new technology into the classroom and find ways to bring the world around her into the classroom.


Her students can tell you that her favourite subjects is English as she loves to read and share what she’s reading with others.  She also loves to be active outdoors and loves the weather in Zambia, compared to Wisconsin which is generally covered in snow for much of the calendar year.


She looks forward to the new challenges and adventures that the classroom will offer.


Mr Samuel Lungu

Mr. Samuel Lungu is a Zambian Teacher, born in the Copperbelt, raised in southern and later Lusaka province. Having started his early career years Information Technology, Mr. Lungu enjoys sharing and exploring ways of applying instructional design techniques to classroom environments.

Samuel Lungu is a qualified teacher with a BA.ED degree from the University of Zambia and 5 years of experience at primary and secondary schools. He worked at Rhodes park school as IGCSE history teacher before embarking on a primary school teaching career at Nkhwazi School where he served as primary teacher until 2013. In September 2013, he moved to Solwezi to join Educore and has served as year 4 teacher at Trident Preparatory School.


At the present time, Mr. Lungu is the year 4 teacher Trident Preparatory School and Assistant House Master for the Trident Prep Junior boys in boarding at Trident College. He is also actively involved in sports and particularly junior soccer which he hopes to develop further.  He believes this experience has also provided grounds for him to broaden the scope of teaching and challenged him to be a more innovative leader by exploring ways of contributing to learner`s achievement and development.


Away from class work, Mr. Lungu enjoys travelling, playing soccer, basketball, gardening and personal DIY projects at home.


Mr Goodson Mbewe

I am a play- write, composer, Director of drama (Western/classical, contemporary and African traditional plays), dance, movies and researcher in Zambian traditional performing arts and cultures. I am exclusively a Performer of an internationally acclaimed M’ZANGAZA  a one and half hour live interactive Concert’ on The life of an African from birth to death through music, dance, drama, poetry games and folktales performances.  I am an adjudicator of performing arts in Zambia who constantly gets involved in teaching Arts through workshops.  In February his year I relocated to Solwezi from Lusaka’s Nkhwazi Primary School to work under Educore at Trident Prep School while offering my services at Trident College to teach and direct drama when necessary.


I am being a lecturer at the Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce (Evelyn Hone College management Board) in Lusaka the only Government recognized highest institution that specializes in teaching  would be teachers of  music in Zambia.  In have had teaching experiences abroad in England’s Somerset and Worcestershire counties where I taught and ran workshops in African music, drama, games,poetry, Folktales and dance in primary schools, higher institutions of learning and Community halls. My teaching experience spans across nursery, primary, secondary school and higher institutions of learning both local and international.


I hold a diploma in Music Education and certifications in Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. I teach mainly guitars and beginners piano, recorders, western and African drums. I teach Pop Band, Marimba band, Steel Band to a level of performance.

Mrs Estella M'hango

Under Construction

Mr Nkumbu Chonya

Under Construction

Ms Kandese Saviya

Under Construction

Ms Lauren Goatley

Under Construction

Ms Sheila Mulenga Administrator

Sheila is the School Administrator for Trident Preparatory School Solwezi.


She holds an Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management and she is currently pursuing a Degree in Public Administration with the Zambian Open University. She has work experience in both Servicing and Mining Industry as she worked for Konkola Copper Mines at the Nchanga Open Pit as a Senior Assistant Assayer and Mechanized Mining Solutions in Chingola at Nchanga Underground as a Human Resources Officer for two years and then joined U&M Mining Zambia LTD as a Human Resources Analyst before joining Educore Services in October 2013 as a School Administrator.


Sheila is organised, focused and hardworking and is also highly motivated, results-oriented, approachable and has high ethical values.




Mr Akim

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