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Trident College made up a significant portion of the Copperbelt Athletics Team which took part in the National ISAZ Championships in Ndola at the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium on Saturday 11 June.  Our cricketers did the College proud in their inaugural T20 match against the Kansanshi II mens’ team, winning by 3 wickets.

7 July 2016

An inordinate amount of a headmaster’s life is spent in meetings. Many of these are a bit of a mystery to the outsider. I will attempt to demystify this slightly. Our athletes really did us proud at the recent Northern Region ISAZ Interschool athletics meeting at Mpelembe

6 June 2016

We hope that you all enjoyed celebrating Africa Freedom Day and took a moment to reflect on how blessed we are in many ways in that regard in Zambia. Zambia hosts many refugees. On Tuesday 31 May we have invited the officials from the UN High Commission for Refugees to address the school.

27 May 2016

I hope that your children have had a well-deserved break after the busy first two terms. I want to take this opportunity to thank the whole Trident community, pupils, parents and staff alike, for making my interim headship such a pleasant, positive and fulfilling interlude in my life. It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege serving such an appreciative and dedicated staff and pupil body.

6 Sep 16 2016

I am delighted to report that I arrived in Solwezi last week to take over the position of Head of Trident College from my good friend and colleague, Hugh Fynn. I am very excited to be here and I thoroughly enjoyed welcoming your children back to school at our opening assembly yesterday.

9 Sep 16 2016

While the heat of October and November beats down on us here in Solwezi, we continue to be blessed with beautiful views of the bush from our classroom block.

October was a hectic month here at Trident, particularly with the start of the Cambridge International examinations. They continued throughout the half term so little rest was had for the Y11, 12 and 13s and the staff supervising them!

Poseidon Vol 3 Ed 2

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