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Pastoral Care at Trident College


Pastoral care is an integral part of the college and, along with academics, is the most important part of our school. The well-being of all students is of the utmost priority. The best platform for learning is a strong social and emotional base and we strive to provide this for every student. Our approach is one of care, compassion and love while recognising that students need boundaries and good personal discipline. By demonstrating this in the lives of the staff and the ethos of the school we know that the students will grow up to be emotionally secure and therefore realise their potential. Each student has a tutor who acts in a pastoral capacity as well as an academic one.


Each student also has a housemaster whether in the girls’ boarding house, the boys’ boarding house or in the day house. The pastoral care of the students is their main concern. There is also a Head of Boarding who has an oversight for the well-being of all the students. All these staff have a permanent ‘open door’. The Headmaster is ultimately in charge of the pastoral care of the whole school. There is also a chaplain at the school who is responsible for the spiritual development of the school community and is always on hand for any pastoral concern.






The school employs its own ordained Anglican priest to be the school chaplain. The chaplain looks after pastoral concerns for both pupils and staff. The chaplain helps to shape the ethos of the school and is in charge of shaping the Christian ethos at the school. The school welcomes all faiths and the chaplain will nurture those of different faiths.


Chapel happens every Wednesday morning and on a Sunday evening. Confirmation groups will be starting soon, with confirmation being presided over by the Archbishop of Central Africa. There are both staff and pupil prayer groups at the school. We celebrate all major Christian festivals.




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