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Our Story

Our Story

Our Story


Educore Services has been on an extraordinary journey since its foundation in March 2013.


In just two years, we have developed and built six schools in the North Western Province of Zambia. Meeting the diverse needs of the rapidly growing regional population has been an exciting challenge, and is the reason why we have founded three different types of school groups, all part of the Educore family of schools. Each of these schools offers a unique education: international quality, but Zambian to the core.


In the early stages of this journey it also became clear that we could be using our expertise to train excellent young teachers who will further impact educational outcomes in the region and country as a whole. It is for this reason that we have founded the Educore Teacher's Academy, Zambia's first fully practice-based teacher training centre, which offers Primary and Secondary Teaching Diplomas to Zambian school-leavers and graduates keen to change the face of education in their country. We look forward to welcoming our second cohort of trainee teachers into our schools in January 2015.


In early 2015 Educore opened its first Frontier school; the first of a chain of affordable private schools.  These community-based schools will offer good quality education through cutting edge ICT and blended learning to the communities in the region.


We are extremely proud of our progress and successes so far, and look forward to challenges and accomplishments of the coming years as we create a legacy of outstanding education in Zambia.




Educore Services was incorporated in Zambia in March 2013 to plan, commission and operate five schools in the North Western Province.  Educore’s partnership agreement with FQM establishes FQM’s role as providing the infrastructure for the existing five schools, with Educore’s role centering on its technical, management and training capabilities.  The company also operates a Teacher Education programme, designed to continually develop and improve the teaching and learning going on in our schools as well as to support and impact on educational outcomes nationally. The teacher education provided by Educore focuses on developing reflective practitioners capable of driving their own professional development. We believe strongly in engendering teaching and learning styles that encourage critical thinking and active learning in students, so equipping them with the skills they will need to meet their full potential in their adult lives.





These private independent schools provide education to any eligible children in the region, whether Zambian or expatriate.  The boarding schools attract pupils from throughout Zambia and neighbouring countries.  Through the schools, Educore Services provides employment and training opportunities to teachers and ancillary staff from all over Zambia and beyond.  The organisation also provides fast increasing employment opportunities through the corporate services required to support the schools, and most importantly, access to excellent quality education for all.

Mission, Vision and Values



To provide leading education services within all levels of the Zambian education system through the provision of outstanding technical support, curriculum development, management and training.  At Educore, the students are always our first concern.  Everything we do is aimed at helping them to make the best progress possible.  For this reason our objective will always be to continually develop best practice in teaching and learning, and to have a positive impact on the standard of teaching in Zambia as a whole.




Our vision is that every child leaving one of our schools will be independent, resilient and curious, with a confident and optimistic outlook on life. We are committed to providing excellent educational opportunities that best represent the expectations and ambitions of the parents and families whose children we teach. Central to this vision is our philosophy of teaching through active and enquiry-based learning, so encouraging inquisitiveness, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in our students.




These are the values by which all our students and staff abide. They are at the heart of everything we do.


All our services are built on the premise that in our schools, our students come first. Every person in our community, whether staff or student, ascribes to the values, mission and objectives found in these pages. Our pride in our work means we are always reflecting and continuously improving what we do, and we believe strongly in the necessity of doing things as a community, rather than alone.




We are responsible to each other and to our stakeholders and as such, all of our activities demonstrate self-reliance, honesty, tolerance, mutual respect and care for a sustainable environment.


We take pride in imparting these attributes to our people and promoting an upstanding lifestyle with a healthy balance between work, family, enjoyment and personal needs.




We respect all faiths, beliefs, values and cultures and the environment whilst embracing our diversity and common humanity.




We are led by the principles of trustworthiness, justice, empathy and loyalty with a profound sense of respect for all people and honor in all matters.




We inspire our people to be creative and responsive to a never-changing environment, by providing relevant opportunities for innovation and growth. We encourage our people and our students to be life-long learners who are ever-prepared for a diverse, multi-faceted and increasingly technological world.




We foster a purposeful existence through a culture of diligence and independence, embedding the principles of entrepreneurship, self-reliance and rigour, underpinned by a sense of determination and courage, whilst emphasising the value of teamwork.



Educore Standards

What is an Educore Teacher?


At Educore, the students are always our first concern.  Everything we do is aimed at helping them to make the best progress possible.


To do this, our teachers rely on ten core tenets: the building blocks of excellent teaching. We cannot teach successfully in any Educore school unless:


  • We set high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge our students
  • We work for good progress and outcomes from all our students
  • We have a good knowledge of the subjects we teach, and of the curriculum
  • We always plan and teach well-structured lessons which focus on active, student-led learning
  • We adapt our teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all our students
  • We plan assessments well and use them to guide our ongoing teaching and our students’ learning
  • We manage behaviour in our classrooms to ensure a good and safe learning environment, and support other staff in this
  • We make positive contributions to the life of the whole school, and have good professional relationships with other staff
  • We always set the highest moral and ethical standards to the students in our care
  • We support and help other teachers and training teachers to ensure the next generation of students will have the same excellent opportunities that these ones do.



Educore Services


Educore Services provides world class, sustainable education through all its schools and colleges.


The Educore family includes three school groups providing inclusive education at all levels of the community, and at our Educore Teacher's Academy.



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