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Our Impact

Educational Development

The Educational Development department of Educore Services, plays a multi-functional role in many areas of the organization.  Its main task is to have an overarching coordinating role of all areas of education that are cross cutting between the different Educore schools such as CPD, Policies, Ministry Liaison, Staff Appraisal, Recruitment and Strategic Management.


The Department also houses the Educore Academy as well as producing the feasibility study for the Frontier Schools project.


The department is involved in keeping abreast with the latest movements, policy changes and trends in both national and international education as well as conducting primary research for strategic planning and monitoring and evaluation. It acts as a central communication link between head teachers and shared services administrative staff, maximizing efficiencies in all areas of education.

Our Scholarship Programmes

We believe that where you come from should not define where you’re going to. The Trident Foundation is helping us to open access to a world-class education to young people from our local communities.


The Trident Foundation, based in Kalumbila, is wholly committed to improving the life chances of the communities in which it works through equitable access to quality health, education and skills. It understands the crucial difference a good education can make to the life of a child, and how it can impact on the whole community. It supports a significant number of young people who show special potential between the ages of 7 and 15 to attend our Frontier and Sentinel schools, offering them full scholarships so they can also have access to all the sporting and extra-curricular activities which make up a true holistic education. These children are means tested to ensure they come from the families who need the support the most.


School Improvement Programmes

Our aim is to directly improve the education of more than 20,000 students a year by the end of the decade. We do this by working with government and other partners to improve student progress and attainment in government schools. Our sustainable programmes are tailored for context, and designed to address specific issues identified by the staff and communities. One of these programmes offers capacity building for leaders through our Mobile Mentor scheme, assisting leaders to identify obstacles and solutions, and galvanise their staff to achieve significant improvements in student progress. Some classes involved in this programme make 50% progress in a single term: dramatic, tangible results.


Educore Services


Educore Services provides world class, sustainable education through all its schools and colleges.


The Educore family includes three school groups providing inclusive education at all levels of the community, and at our Educore Teacher's Academy.



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