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Las Cruces House

Las Cruces House

 As a Housemistress for Las Cruces, I see it as my role to ensure that the girls feel supported as they make their exciting and challenging journey through school life, yet I also feel responsible for ensuring that girls are helped to develop the self-discipline required to make the most of their time at the school, both academically and in their extra-curricular efforts. These two areas are essential to becoming a well-rounded and productive member of the Trident community and I therefore expect dedication, hard work and a sense of responsibility in each and every girl. These are values which I too hope to demonstrate. By challenging them in their efforts and providing firm boundaries and encouragement, I believe the girls will develop the necessary skills to become successful in later life.



As you enter Las Cruces House, the first words you see are “In this house is...…we are a family”.  This is my very strong belief; that we should love, support and care for one another within our house, work through our differences and develop into considerate, well-mannered and happy young ladies. Each week the girls are encouraged to concentrate on a different virtue: generosity, ambition, empathy, enthusiasm and courtesy, to name but a few, in order to help foster such an environment and develop characteristics that will shine through in the outside world once their time here at Trident is complete.

As a house team we hope to facilitate this by fostering a supportive, warm atmosphere in the house which will help to develop a strong sense of community spirit and create friendships that will endure long beyond their time here.


Las Cruces boarding team

The boarding team currently consists of 5 members:


Mrs Chiponda (Housemistress)

Mrs Kaiza (Assistant Housemistress)

Mrs Van Eeden

Mr Kaiza.


House Captain: Michelle Makurumidze

Deputy House Captain: Daniella Vukovic

House prefects: Savannah Van der Heever, Danielle Dansie, Chikonjiwe Chizinga, Alexandra Scott, Idah Mwape, Chanda Mutuna.


In house, each of the prefects is assigned to a specific year group of girls. In this way a strong, positive relationship can be formed which allows girls to develop trust in their prefects and also provides prefects with the opportunity to act as mentors to their assigned year group.


The Trident Group


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