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Kansanshi House

The Kansanshi House Creed

I am a Kansanshi Gentleman

I am proud to be in Kansanshi House

I will respect my House

I will respect everyone and everything

in my House at all times

I will respect women at all times

We are a brotherhood of men

I will care for you

I will look after you

I will protect you

I will stand up for you

I will be kind and considerate to everyone at all times

I will be humble and selfless

I will always speak the truth

I will face the consequences of my actions like a man

Because of this

I am a Kansanshi Gentleman


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Kansanshi House. This is a very exciting time to be a boarder at Trident College. Every boarder will have a chance to help lay a strong foundation in building the culture and the ethos of Trident College and also Kansanshi House. This is a House where we care for one another, look after one another, encourage one another and value one another. First and foremost, as Housemaster, I expect a lot of myself and lead by example and therefore I expect a lot of my boarders. My main aim is to ensure that when my boarders leave Trident College and Kansanshi House they are equipped with all that they need to take the next step in life, wherever that may be. Our foundation is built on faith, integrity, truth, respect and discipline. We welcome diversity as it takes many different types of personalities and individuals to create a strong culture and make the boarding house tick. Academic work is of paramount importance but I also place a huge emphasis on sport and extra-curricular activities. At Trident College we believe in striking a healthy balance between what happens in the classroom and on the sports field. There are many opportunities for the boarders to excel in both areas.


I know that friendships will be formed at Kansanshi House that will last a lifetime. As a House team we aim to create an environment where boarders can flourish and express themselves within the boundaries that are set out for them. I truly want every single boarder to enjoy their time at Kansanshi House and Trident College. There will no doubt be ups and downs and we will laugh together, have fun together, work hard together, cry together, win together and lose together. But above all this we will assist you as parents to develop good young men who will make a positive difference whilst in our care but also when they exit the gates of Trident College.


Our House team is

Mr Johannes Makurumidze (Housemaster)

Mr Sam Lungu (Assistant Housemaster)

Mr Oldreive

Mr Ndhlovu

Mr Saasa


The House Captain is Keegan Carstens and his deputy is Mike Mwale. We have 3 other prefects that work with the House Captain and Deputy House Captain to ensure the House runs smoothly and they work very closely with the Housemaster.


House timings - Mornings:

• 05h30 – 06h10: Wake up bell, shower and get dressed

• 06h10 – 06h15: Quiet time

• 06h15 – 06h20: Inspection

• 06h20 – 06h50: Breakfast

• 06h55: Everyone out of House


House timings - Afternoons and evenings

• 17h30: Supper

• 18h30: House meeting

• 18h45: Prep starts

• 20h15: Prep ends

• 20h00: Lights out for Prep boarders

• 20h45: Inspection

• 21h00: Lights out for Yr’s 7, 8 and 9

• 22h00: Lights out for Yr 12’s


The Trident Group


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