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Kabitaka Secondary


Mr Mthulisi Matshakaile  Head Teacher Sentinel Kabitaka

Head Master - Mthulisi Matshakaile


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Mr Scott Georgeson  Deputy Head of Secondary & Head of Science

Name: Scott Georgeson

Year group taught: Yr6 - 12

Job Title: Deputy Head of Secondary & Head of Science


I was born, bred and educated in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have taught abroad for nearly twenty years; working in Botswana, Qatar and Spain before arriving in Zambia in September 2013.


As a teacher I feel it is far more productive and rewarding to have students being active and doing practical investigations in the Sciences, in fact in any subject.


I would like to see a school where students spend more time out of their seats, out of their classrooms and engaging with their subjects in a very real manner.


Mr Benson Musansa  Secondary ICT Teacher

Benson was born on the Copperbelt town of Kitwe but raised in Luanshya. After school Benson worked in Shoprite Checkers as a Cashier. He later joined National Breweries in processing as  Production Supervisor in Kitwe and worked there for six years during which period he was also appointed on secondment as a Packaging Supervisor to Heinrich’s Beverages in Lusaka.


Benson holds a certificate in Business administration (UNZA) and a Diploma in advanced business English from Business Training of the UK.  After obtaining a Certificate in Teaching Methodology from TVTC two years ago, he joined Kitwe Vocational Training Centre where he worked for two years as a communication skills lecturer before joining Kabitaka school as a School Administrator (Secondary).


Benson is also trained in supervision and management. He hopes to pursue further studies in Education.



Mrs Emma Phiri  Secondary Science Teacher

Name: Emma Phiri

Year group taught: Yr6 - 12

Job Title: Class Teacher


I have been teaching at Sentinel Kabitaka for the last two years. I believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to access good education, education that goes beyond memorizing facts but one that focuses on equipping the learner with skills that help them to survive and apply themselves, wherever they go. I am a strong supporter of education that allows the pupil to be engaged, independent and highly motivated so that their minds are set into motion to create works that contribute to the lives of many, including themselves.

Everyone is a star, we all just shine differently and are motivated to do so in different ways. So, let your light shine.


In my spare time I love to travel, sew and do anything that requires me to be creative.



Mr Morgan Milasa  Head of Secondary Maths

Name: Morgan Milasa

Year group taught: Yr7 -12

Job Title: Head of Mathematics


Mukinge Girls Sec ECZ Syllabus: Taught maths from Grades 9 to 12.

Lechwe Education Trust: Taught maths from key stage 3 to 5. (IGCSE, ADMA, AS &A Level)

Lusaka International Community School: Taught math from key stage 3 to 5 (IGCSE, ADMA, AS & A Level)


HOBBIES: Playing volleyball & watching soccer.


EDUCATION: University Of Zambia-B.A.ed, Copper Belt Teachers’ College-Dip


Educational philosophy:

I believe in students being treated as individuals in their own right and in enhancing their personal development academically, socially, physically and mentally.



Mr Ryan De Wet  Head of Secondary English

Name: Ryan De Wet

Year group taught: Yr7-12

Job Title: Head of English Department


I was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Literature from The University of Zimbabwe in 1996 followed by a Post Graduate Diploma Education in 2002.


I started teaching in 1997 at Lomagundi College in Zimbabwe where I taught English Language, Literature and History up to IGCSE and AS Levels. In addition to this I was actively involved in cultural activities which included Debating and Public Speaking. On the sporting front, I participated in the coaching and umpiring of Rugby and Basketball. In Basketball I have coached up to Provincial level.


In 2003 I went on to teach at Crescent High school, a private school in Lobatse , Botswana. In 2008 I joined Morula High School in Selebi Phikwe, Botswana. In addition to teaching the above subjects I was the coach for the Northern High Schools Cricket Team. I was also an active member of The Rotary Club of Selebi Phikwe where I held the position of Secretary and was also in charge of The Interact Club of Morula.

I joined Kabitaka High School as HOD Humanities, teaching English as a Second Language, English as a First Language, Literature and History up to IGCSE Level in September 2014.


I believe each and every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. I will help each child to develop their potential by believing in them as capable individuals. I will assist children in discovering who they are, so they can express their own opinion and nurture their own ideas.


I have a vision of a world where people learn to respect, accept and embrace the differences between us.

Mr Shelton Jeri  Head of Humanities

Name: Shelton Jeri

Year group taught: 9-12 Geography, E.M & R.E

Job Title: Head of Humanities


I have been into the field for the past 20 years and believe that if children do not understand the way we teach then it is time we teach the way they learn. I am a proponent of interest based child centered and child friendly education. I have taught in my native Zimbabwe, Sweden on a teacher exchange program, Botswana and South Africa before coming to Zambia.


I love adventure and believe that most of human learning in earth sciences is achieved through adventure filled lessons. In my free time photography, fishing, bible study and being with my family occupy my important part of my life.



Mrs Abigail Muchazyi English Teacher

Name: Abigail Muchazyi

Year group taught: 6-10

Job Title: English Teacher


I have been teaching English language for seven years. I first taught in two state schools under the Zambia Ministry of Education from 2010- July 2015 then joined Educore Services in July 2015 to the present day. I have many hobbies, which I enjoy out of work, including reading, sewing, game-viewing, site-seeing, and dancing.


As an educator, I believe that each child is a unique individual. Each one  needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. I want my students to view me, not only as their teacher of English, but their role model as well. A person to whom they can look  to for direction, through one-on-one mentoring, which involves personal conversations about goals as well as sharing ideas and experiences.



Mrs Chisanga Kayombo Maths Teacher

Name: Chisanga Kayombo

Year group taught: Secondary Mathematics

Job Title: Mathematics Teacher


I have been teaching for under a year. I joined Educore through the Educore Academy as a trainee teacher in Mathematics and Business Studies.


My experience with Educore, and specifically with Sentinel Kabitaka has been extremely powerful. I get real satisfaction and joy when my students have that “aha!” moment in their learning. I am part of the team coordinating the Maths Club as part of the ECA program, and it is a pleasure to see young mathematicians discovering the wonders of Mathematics in fun and interesting ways.


My hobbies include watching crime and investigative programs and visiting new places.



Ms Pauline Banda English & Humanities Teacher

Name: Pauline Chipo Banda

Year group taught: 7-11

Job Title: English and Humanities Teacher


I am passionate about improving children’s lives. Before pursuing teaching full time towards the end of the year 2014, I worked in community schools and an organisation that takes street children off the street and helps them develop talents such as acrobatics, dance and acting. My role in this was to identify vulnerable children from different communities and come up with ideas on how well to create a better livelihood for them by using their talents.


My passion for changing children’s lives for the better by assisting them to identify talent or a variety of hidden skills is what pushed me to pursue a teaching career. I am a very patient individual who enjoys working with a wide range of personalities. I Joined Educore Services as a Humanities and English teacher at Sentinel Kabitaka School as a trainee in January 2015. During my training, I studied with the Educore academy and Northrise University where I graduated with a distinction in Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning. The subjects I teach include history, social studies and English (English as a First Language, English as a Second Language and English Literature). I also have a BA in Sociology and currently pursuing a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction.


To achieve my set targets as a teacher in all my lessons, I embark on widening my subject knowledge as much as possible to enable me deliver lessons that are not only motivating, but also suitable for all the children attending the lesson. I promote student participation in the class by bringing in a diverse set of activities suitable for each child to enable all children learn by doing and seeing depending on their ability to learn. Aside from this suiting their needs and strengths, it creates a love for learning in them.




Mrs Sombia Milasa Business Studies & Accounting Teacher

Name: Sombia K. Milasa

Year group taught: 8-12

Job Title: Business Studies and Accounting Teacher


I possess considerable experience in teaching Accounting, Business Studies and Economics.  To be specific I have been teaching for 16 years in different schools both in the public and private sector.  I also have experience in lecturing Accountancy Students at various levels.


I believe in motivating and inspiring pupils with different learning abilities to reach their full potential.


I enjoy cooking and listening to gospel music.





Mr Vwambanji Sikanyika Science Teacher & Laboratory Technician

Name: Vwambanji Sikanyika

Year group taught:

Job Title: Laboratory Technician/Science teacher


Taught at MCM Nkana School for two and half years, from May 2010 to October, 2012.

Current position: Lab Technician


I believe learning is a lifelong process and so everybody should be striving to learn something new everyday. I like to bring an open mind, a positive and high expectation to the classroom each day. I realise every student is special and there is something great about them. I always strive to make students understand this and use it to their advantage. As a science teacher, one of my favorite classroom activities is getting students to learn through hands on activities in the lab. I want them to understand more about the world around them and their own bodies and their own lives.


Learning is a lifelong journey, I always encourage students to never stop asking questions, be good learners and always get excited about something new.


I enjoy reading Science/self-development articles, vinyl cutting, meditating and taking walks.

Mrs Lydia Samwanda Admin Officer

Lydia is the Admin Officer for Sentinel Kabitaka.


She graduated from Gaborone Institute of Professional Studies where she pursued a Diploma in Web Designing.


She is a responsible and dynamical person with aptitude to confront and solve different situations - giving the best of her skills and experience to increase and improve her labour environment. Lydia has good computer skills, is enterprising, honest and with great disposition to work. She is organized, easily adapts to change, remains focused when working under pressure and has a high capacity for working in a team. In her free time she loves baking and reading novels.


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The Educore family includes three school groups providing inclusive education at all levels of the community, and at our Educore Teacher's Academy.



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