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Kabitaka Primary Staff

Mr Glyn Lewis Head of Primary

Name: Glyn Lewis

Title: Head Teacher of Sentinel Kabitaka Primary


I have been working in international education for the past 26 years, holding various posts in the Middle East, Europe, South Asia and Africa as well as teaching in the UK. More specifically I have led Primary schools in Portugal, Sri Lanka and Dubai. I have been working recently as an educational consultant, with the National College for Leadership, assessing candidates for the National Professional Qualification for Headship and Middle Leaders Qualifications. Distributed Leadership is a particular interest of mine. I am as passionate about education as the day I qualified as a teacher and firmly believe our vocation to be the most important in society. Someone has to teach the politicians, astronauts and doctors of the future to read! I enjoy reading, theatre and music but my main interests include photography, wildlife and anything gadget related. I am returning to Africa (It gets under your skin) and I am looking forward to all the sights, sounds and rich culture I remember so well.


I hope to be able to bring my broad experience of education, to Kabitaka.  I believe in child-centred education and will work hard as an advocate for the most important people in the school community, the children. I also hope to be able to help to build the future of Educore, as a whole, helping to ensure that the quality of teaching and learning across the group is best it can possibly be.

Christine Mulenga School Administrator (Primary)

Name: Christine Mulenga

Title: Adminstrator/PA to Primary Head


I am a conscientious and self-motivated individual with great enthusiasm and determination to succeed.

Having worked as a Branding/Marketing Assistant for Crosspoint Enterprises Ltd and as an Administrative Assistant for Netone Group of Companies, I has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task presented with. I am hard working, reliable and resourceful with excellent communication skills, combined with the ability to prioritize a substantial workload and an eye for detail.


I have gained a variety of administrative skills and can work effectively alone or as part of team.

I am a holder of a Certificate in Human Resource Management from the National Institute of Public Administration and I continue to further my studies in HRM and Law.


My interests include reading, learning new things and travelling.




Mrs Deirdre Chibuta  Head of Early Years

Name: Dierdre Chibuta

Year group taught: Reception

Job Title: Class Teacher, Phase Leader of Early Years & Foundation Stage.


I have been teaching in International Schools for the last 26 years. I have always had a passion for Early Years and love to share my experiences of what I have learnt. I believe it is my responsibility as an Early Years teacher to create an atmosphere of respect and belonging and help the child to grow academically and socially. Our work in Early Years is to prepare pupils to learn to implement various learning activities and therefore very important to know the child personally and culturally to make learning relevant.


I strive to be an organised teacher, with preparation and materials to allow for direction and focus within the learning environment. It is also vital to take into consideration children’s needs and be flexible always depending on how children respond.


I enjoy organising fun events for children and trying out recipes in the kitchen.

Mrs Edna Muche  Head of Primary Maths

Name:Edna Muche

Year group taught: Yr2

Job Title: Mathematics Coordinator


“Educating the mind without the heart is no education at all” Aristotle.


I was born and raised in Kitwe, in the Copperbelt Province. I am an enthusiastic committed teacher with a natural ability to appreciate and inspire children to make rapid progress. I have been a Primary School teacher for more than 15 years with extensive experience in teaching KS1 and KS2. Prior to coming to Kabitaka, I worked in Kitwe at Nkana Trust School. I have taught classes from year1 to year 4.


I have a Bachelor of Education, majoring in Special Needs in Education and Mathematics. I have a passion to help improve numeracy levels in schools.


In my spare time I like baking, watching movies and travelling to new places.

Mrs Fudzai Ruzive  Special Needs Coordinator

Name: Fudzai Fadzai Ruzive

Year group taught: KS1-KS3

Job Title: Special Educational Needs Coordinator


I am a Zimbabwean national, and bring on board my progressive, professional teaching experience of over 25 years. I also bring a greater focus on teaching children in the mainstream, private, international and in special schools. I have worked with children with specific needs ranging from moderate to severe, inclusive of those with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and autism spectrum disorder as well as ADHD, social, behavioral and emotional issues. I specialise in implementing engaging, child-centered and therapeutic techniques and in remedial classes on a one-to-one basis. Other than working in my home country, I have worked in South Africa and my most memorable experiences are when I taught multi-grade classes on Robben Island Primary School.


As a Special Educational Needs Coordinator, my desire for Sentinel Kabitaka learners is to build a dyslexia-friendly school. One in which, every teacher will be able to identify, embrace, nurture and celebrate learning differences for total inclusion of children with special needs in the mainstream. I believe that every child possesses special ‘islands of competences’ and can reach his/her full potential given adequate support.


I believe in life-long learning and take studying and bringing people to Christ as a hobby.

Mr Harrison Muleya  Music Teacher

Name: Harrison Mulaya

Year group taught: Nursery – Yr 12

Job Title: Music Teacher


I am a music teacher, born and bred in the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka. I completed my primary education at Chinika Primary School in 1985.  I proceeded to Libala Secondary School in 1986. Later on I studied music at Evelyn Hone College, after which I obtained further qualifications from Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and drama (ABRSM).


 I worked with Tree Tops Primary School (1991-94), Namununga School (1995-97), Morningside Boarding/Day School (1998-2001) and Rhodes Park School (2001-2013). I joined Sentinel Kabitaka in 2014 as a music teacher. I have recently completed further studies in  Teaching Methodology with Technical and Vocational Teachers College (TVTC).

Mr Juven Manyungu  Year 3 Teacher

Name: Juven Manyungu

Year group taught: 3

Job Title: Class Teacher


I am currently a KS2 teacher with a career spanning 6 years. The first half of this period I worked as a School Librarian / ICT Teacher at Nkhwazi Primary School in Lusaka. During this period I also worked as a cover teacher for grade 4 to 7. I am now a Year 3 classroom teacher at Sentinel Kabitaka School having joined the team 3 years ago. I have taught the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), Cambridge Curriculum and the local Zambian Curriculum.


In a wonderful leadership role, I have also served as a Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) executive member where I helped plan and coordinate activities aimed at improving the quality of teaching and learning in the school. I believe that every learner is different and must be given an opportunity to learn in that particular way through varied teaching styles.



Mrs Kasongo Hamweenda  Head of Primary English

Name: Kasongo Hamweenda

Year group taught: Year 4 Hoopoe

Job Title: Literacy Coordinator, Phase Leader KS2


I am a proud Zambian, born in Lusaka. I recently acquired my master’s degree in Human Resource Management at the Copperbelt University, and I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in English with Education from University of Zambia.


I am a dedicated primary school teacher with significant knowledge and ten years’ experience of British and Zambian curricula, having taught at international, multi-cultural schools since graduating.

I am incredibly driven and this is reflected by my pupils’ outstanding results and progress. I take great pride in my students' achievements, however small and love to see them learn something new. I believe that a teacher shouldn't treat the class as one but must cater for all individual needs.


I am a warm and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners and I work to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging and adaptive to varied needs of students. I believe that “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”


My hobbies include reading, cooking, travelling and making friends.



Ms Monde Inambao  Nursery Teacher

Name: Monde Inamboa

Year group taught: Nursery

Job Title: Class Teacher


I am a highly motivated individual with a passion for educating and influencing children as well as young people for the good. It is also my job to inspire colleagues and lead by example in my community. I am very excited about what I do and hope I can make a lasting impact in my profession.



Mrs Moira Maango  Year 3 Teacher

Name: Moira Maango

Year group taught: Year 3

Job Title: Teacher


Experience:  2014 – Baobab College

                        2015 – To Date – Sentinel Kabitaka School.


My educational philosophy is that, a teacher should be aware of his/her students' emotional, social, psychological, and physical development as well as their cognitive growth. Individualized instruction is also an integral strategy to aid children with different learning preferences. In order to meet individual challenges, lessons must be structured into learning experiences by incorporating auditory, kinesthetic, and visual techniques. Applying a variety of approaches to the learning process is equally important. Use of cooperative learning strategies, integration of technology into the classroom, as well as guided individual instruction are all necessary to provide an environment where children will use self-discovery and a hands-on approach to learning.


Learning should be fun and exciting! My classroom will be an inviting and safe place where children will feel comfortable, and love to learn.



Ms Nalishebo Mayovu  Year 1 Teacher

Name: Nalishebo Katungu Mayovu

Year group taught: Year 1

Job Title: Class Teacher


For the past 3 years of my teaching career, I have striven to become an enthusiastic, dedicated and goal driven educator with an innate ability to inspire and appreciate children. I am passionate about teaching and helping children reach their full potential, for I believe that there is no child who is un-teachable but every child has a potential which is deep inside them. Therefore, I believe that no child should be left behind, and I endeavour to make sure that each child, that I work with, tries hard to fulfill what is expected of them.




Ms Naluku Mwangelwa  Year 1 Teacher

Name:Naluku Mwangelwa

Year group taught: Yr1

Job Title: Class Teacher, IPC Coordinator


Soon after completion of my primary teaching course, I worked as a grade five teacher in a public school for two terms. I later on joined the private sector and taught at one of the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines School ( ZCCM) Nkana Trust School where I worked  for twelve years. I taught grade one, reception, grade three, grade four and grade five. During my teaching career I had an opportunity to develop a wide range of interests like swimming, drama, dance and movement which has developed my skills in acting and composing children’s performances during assemblies and conducting concerts.

Through these activities I realised that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring and stimulating atmosphere. This is important because as children grow they need to be mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially.


As a teacher I take pleasure in helping pupils meet their full potential. In order to achieve this they need a safe environment that will give them support and allow them to share their ideas. Therefore my main goals for the future is to create an atmosphere that challenges pupils and watch them grow to the full potential. I believe that each child can learn, given the right environment. All children are capable of learning if they are properly motivated and given direction from the teacher. To be an effective teacher one needs to be aware of the learning process, motivating behaviour and development theories in order to relate to the pupils and in addition help them achieve



Ms Omega Chitanika  Year 2 Teacher

Name: Omega Chitanika

Year group taught: Year 2

Job Title: Class Teacher


I am a responsible and flexible Teacher. I joined the Kabitaka Team in January 2014, from Ndola, were I was working with the Cope Centre Zambia. I worked as a centre coordinator as well as a  remedial therapy teacher, working with children who had learning difficulties after attaining my diploma in Early Childhood Education.


I believe in creating moments of wonder and joy for children to initiate, extend and enrich their learning through play. I seek to encourage each child's unique talents. I am is currently working with the year 2 class and hope to be the best teacher I can be, whilst developing confident and reliable future leaders. I am passionate about giving children a safe, fun and active environment where they can grow and develop in readiness for life.


As Maria Montessori said “Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.”


Mr Richard Lungu  Primary Assistant Teacher

Under Construction


Mr Riverwell Mwanza Head of PE

Name: Riverwell Mwanza

Year group taught: Yr1 - 12

Job Title: Head of Physical Education


Born and bred in the coal mining town of Hwange in Zimbabwe, I did my primary education at Lwendulu primary school. I later went to do my O-Levels at Embakwe Boys School in Plumtree. Thereafter, I went to do my A-Levels at Foundation College in Bulawayo. I then enrolled to train as a teacher at Mkoba Teachers’ College in Gweru where I graduated with a distinction in Physical Education. I was quickly employed by Megawatt Primary School, a Power Utility Company School as a Physical Education Teacher. While there,  I enrolled Zimbabwe Open University for a Bsc  Physical Education Degree.


I left Zimbabwe in 2004 to join Longridge School in Zambia as a P.E. Teacher. Thereafter, I joined Baobab College where I worked as a P.E. Teacher from 2006 up to 2013. I then joined Educore Services in 2014.


Mrs Sandra Mwila  Year 4 Teacher

Name: Sandra Mwila

Year group taught: Yr 4

Job Title: Class Teacher


I had been Trainee Teacher at Kabitaka from September 2013 to December 2015. In this period, I completed teaching placements at Trident Preparatory school, Urban basic school and Mushitala basic school. This has equipped me with various skills and knowledge on how to help children reach their maximum potential in any environment.


After qualifying I was offered and took up role of class teacher in January 2016, in Yr4.

It is my belief that the quality of the Earths tomorrow, is determined by the way I speak and act around my pupils. I will always strive to inculcate a sense of belonging and responsibility in my pupils in order to create exemplary citizens so that I may live on in their memories tomorrow.


I enjoy reading, crafts and cooking.




Mrs Beatrice Musole  Year 5 Teacher

Name: Beatrice Musole

Year group taught: Year 5 Flycatcher

Job Title: Class Teacher


“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”


I am an innovative, enthusiastic and dedicated teacher with 26 years experience in the classroom. I enjoy working in a dynamic and challenging environment and I have taught classes from Year One to Five.  I started my teaching career at a government school in Lusaka in 1990. Five years later I moved to Botswana where I taught as an expatriate teacher in private schools for 21 years. While teaching in Botswana I became very involved in coaching swimming and netball and was selected as the netball coach for all private schools in the Northern region of Botswana.


My objective is to develop academic skills in learners and prepare them for the life skills they require for secondary education. From my educational experiences, I know how valuable teacher encouragement and motivation is to ensure success. I motivate students, while teaching them, to be intrinsically self-motivated through challenging yet supportive lessons. My classroom is exciting, inspiring, learner friendly and an interactive environment.



Mrs Chifuto Shamano Year 6 Teacher

Name: Chifuto Shamano

Year group taught: Yr6

Job Title: Class Teacher


I have been teaching for 8 years since first joining Lechwe School in Kitwe in 2009. From there I moved onto Sentinel Kabitaka in September 2015.

In my spare time I like to read, travel and build my Avon network.


As a teacher, I believe that the classroom is a place where ideas should be freely shared. All children are encouraged to take on an active role in the learning process and appreciate each other’s efforts and abilities. In this way, we learn to integrate our skills with those of others, thus learning from them as well.




Mrs Mabel Kazilimani Reception Teacher

Name: Mabel Kazilimani

Year group taught: Reception

Job Title: Class Teacher


“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” philosopher Frederick Douglass.


I completed primary school at Rhokana school in Kitwe. I went on to Hellen Kaunda secondary school and later Mazabuka girl’s secondary school.  I attained my diploma at Intec College in Cape Town. I taught at two Schools in Botswana and later joined Simba International School in 2007 and worked there for seven years.


I joined the Kabitaka team in January 2014 and I am currently in the third year of pursuing a degree programme in early childhood education at the Zambian Open University.


I am a professional educator, with 18 years of diverse experience and a strong track record of fostering a child centred curriculum and student creativity. I am also a dedicated early years practitioner who is passionate about nurturing the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of young people.



Mr Mapheas Chainda Art & Kiikaonde Teacher

Name: Mapheas Chainda

Year group taught: Yr2 –Yr12

Job Title: Art & Kiikaonde Teacher


I have been teaching Art, Craft and Design at Secondary level for 13 years. I taught at Luanshya Boys High School for 4 years, then joined the Botswana Teaching Service Management and was posted to Chobe Community Junior Secondary School where I taught for 9 years. I was then privileged to teach at Private Primary School in Choma for 9 months.


I strongly believe any educational system should be designed to allow learners to express themselves, Visual Arts is one of the few subjects that can attract learners of all different academic abilities. It is quite interesting to experience how learners can transfer skills and knowledge to real life situations to meet challenges of the 21st Century.


Besides teaching, I enjoy a range of sports particularly weight lifting, shot-put and javelin and also like working with wood, metal and nature. I am passionate about and find a lot of pleasure in Bee Keeping.




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