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The Educore family of schools includes the Trident, Sentinel and Frontier groups, and the Educore Teacher’s Academy.  Each of these school groups aims to provide an outstanding international and Zambian-focused education to the parents and students we serve.


We currently have six schools operating in the North-Western Province. The Trident schools, comprising Trident Prep Solwezi and Trident Prep Kalumbila (Early Years – Year 6), and Trident College (Years 7 – 13), offer international schooling based on the best independent school traditions. The Sentinel schools, Sentinel School Kabitaka and Sentinel School Kalumbila (Early Years – Year 12), also provide international standard schooling through the IGCSE and IPC curricula, with an emphasis on Zambian culture and traditions. Our first Frontier school, Nkisu Primary, opened to students in Grades 1-7 in Kalumbila in 2015.  Frontier schools use blended learning and ICT to deliver outstanding education to local communities based on the Zambian National Curriculum.


The Educore Teacher’s Academy, Zambia’s first fully practice-based training programme, offers full-length or fast-track Diplomas in Primary and Secondary teaching, with a focus on student-led active learning methodologies.


In all our schools, we commit to providing learning opportunities that unlock our students' potential, with the aim of benefiting the country and the wider world now and for future generations. We firmly believe that the values which drive us, combined with the best elements of current international practice, provide the best possible learning experience for each of our students and trainees. Educore is also building relationships with other reputable Zambian and international institutions and partners, with the objective of always maintaining our standard of excellence in education.




Trident Group




The Trident family of schools draws from the best independent school traditions to create a world-class holistic educational environment for students from Nursery to year 13.


Trident schools focus on nurturing the development of our students' academic and co-curricular potential in order to give them the best possible foundation for their future lives.


We place strong emphasis on pastoral care for both day and boarding pupils, and take pride in the supportive community atmosphere present within all our schools.


The College and Prep schools are excellently resourced with the best and most up to date sporting and academic facilities, based in beautiful natural surroundings. We encourage sporting, academic and co-curricular links both within our family of schools and with the wider independent and international school network, and emphasize the importance of being aware of and in tune with the world around us.


At Trident we celebrate diversity in our students and staff.  Our staff have an outstanding combination of national and international teaching experience, and their varied academic and professional backgrounds give our students a well-rounded and interesting educational experience. Our teaching philosophy encourages inquisitiveness and problem-solving both in and outside lessons, and students are pushed to achieve their full potential in a supportive and safe environment.




Sentinel Group




Our Sentinel schools are based around a unique educational model, in which we encourage academic prowess in a supportive pastoral atmosphere which ensures our students will thrive and achieve their full potential.


The Sentinel model has achieved great successes with most students making exceptional progress across all subjects.  Our particular emphasis on literacy, numeracy and the sciences reflects the needs of the next generations of school leavers, and our broad curriculum choices and thematic teaching in Primary school allows pupils to develop their natural sense of inquiry.


Sentinel schools have excellent facilities, including sports fields, ICT suites, laboratories and well-resourced music, drama and art facilities. We are particularly proud of our outstanding staff, who have been recruited from the best in the field and have a strong blend of national and international experience.  They fully support and engender our active learning philosophy, and work to engage each student in their own learning, developing the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they will need throughout their lives.


Sentinel students are happy students, and we look forward to seeing them continue to flourish in the years ahead.



Frontier Group




We believe firmly that all children should have equal access to good quality education, no matter where they have been brought up.  Our Frontier group of schools offers a unique educational solution to the local communities in remote areas of the North-Western Province and, in the future, further afield.


For an affordable daily fee, Frontier schoolchildren will be taught the new Zambian national curriculum through an innovative range of teaching techniques. We place great emphasis on enabling children to use their literacy and numeracy skills beyond the school context, and our use of innovative ICT and blended learning on tablets means children at Frontier schools do not learn by rote.


It is important to us that these low-cost private schools are fully part of the communities in which they are based, and we hope that they will prove to be a hub for dynamic development in the area.




Educore Services


Educore Services provides world class, sustainable education through all its schools and colleges.


The Educore family includes three school groups providing inclusive education at all levels of the community, and at our Educore Teacher's Academy.



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