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Fostering Firm Foundations

Frontier’s innovative low-cost school model opens access to excellent quality Zambian education for young people in local communities.




Education philosophy

Frontier is a ground-breaking sustainable school model designed to improve the life chances of local communities through better access to excellent schools. Frontier schools follow the Zambian National Curriculum and public examinations, but blend this with an extremely strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy to ensure our students leave school proficient in reading and writing. An average Grade 12 leaves school with an actual reading age of Grade 5 (UNESCO 2015), and our curriculum is designed to combat this, with ‘golden hours’ of literacy and numeracy built into every school day.

In addition, we use innovative blended learning including the iSchools Zedupads to ensure students receive individualised instruction, able to work independently and with a teacher in groups no larger than 20 within a larger classroom of up to 60 students. Each student has the opportunity to use an interactive tablet with the curriculum loaded on to it. Teachers are trained to deliver outstanding teaching using the iSchools programme, including in robust classroom management, independent and active learning and differentiation

The length of the school day has direct links to student attainment, so we offer single session school days allowing for more than 6 hours of learning and extra-curricular activities.

Research tells us that the quality of teaching has the highest impact on student attainment. To ensure outstanding C21st teaching methodologies are in place we invest heavily in initial and continuous teacher education and CPD. A school Mentor spends time each week observing, feeding back and delivering responsive training to support our staff in reflecting and improving on their own practice.


Click HERE to download the Curriculum Description for Frontier Schools.


Community engagement

The Frontier model is developed in partnership with the communities it serves, and the first step is to set up strong community support through the chief or community leaders, including a community enterprise group and an active PTA. In this way we can determine not only the right educational offering and need in the area, but also ensure that a number of support services including teaching assistants and staff, uniforms, catering, transport and building rental, are determined and provided by parents and the wider community.




Educore & Frontier


Educore Services provides world class, sustainable education through all its schools and colleges.


The Educore family includes three school groups providing inclusive education at all levels of the community, and at our Educore Teacher's Academy.



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