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Trident College offers boarding facilities for children aged between 12 and 18.


Houses are covered by staff 24 hours a day and above all else, are a home. Despite each house having the same structure and the necessary systems in place, each has its own individual atmosphere – this makes every house a special place for the young people within it.


On a day to day basis the Housemasters and Housemistresses (HMs) are a pupil’s – and parents’ – first port of call. HMs listen, encourage and support whilst also expecting high standards in scholarship, appearance and behaviour. Using a coaching philosophy, they inspire and empower the young people to take responsibility for their own decisions and ensure that every individual is provided with the highest level of support.

HMs are assisted by a team of house tutors and every pupil is part of a smaller tutor group; this structure allows us to ensure that no pupil slips through the net.


Each house has a Matron who is responsible for overseeing the health and physical wellbeing of the children, supported by a comprehensive medical team at the Sanatorium. She provides another strand to the pastoral care system and another point of direct contact for parents.

The Chapel remains central to the spiritual life of the College and our Chaplain plays a key and important role in ensuring our community is inclusive, caring and one where everybody feels comfortable and safe.


The physical health of the children is monitored by the school doctor who is well supported by fully qualified nurses in the Sanatorium. Immediate and routine medical matters are dealt with by the Matron in houses.


Pupils will usually receive a lot of support from their peers, teachers, Matrons, Housemasters and Tutors, often at a very informal level. For the vast majority of time this will get them through any difficult patches that they might face. On some occasions, pupils might find that they need to talk to somebody in confidence, or someone independent of the School.


The School Counsellor offers a private space for pupils in which they can talk about any concern. Although some may think that counselling is only for 'serious' problems, the more regular worries of friendships, family, arguments and work are much more frequent concerns.






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Educore Services provides world class, sustainable education through all its schools and colleges.


The Educore family includes three school groups providing inclusive education at all levels of the community, and at our Educore Teacher's Academy.



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