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About Trident College

Outstanding people, we have them and they make for great schooling.  Most of all our students are charming, adventurous, determined young people and our staff are first rate.  In our three schools, a number that is likely to expand in future, we have staff from Zambia, UK, USA, Zimbabwe and South Africa and with this we have an eclectic mix of highly qualified teachers who are ready to prepare young people for the rigours of our global village.  People are most important, but we are also blessed with 3 fantastic campuses, with excellent facilities and outstanding resources.  Central to this is the College campus, set amidst a 50 sq. km game reserve.  All our environments are secure, green and safe from the perils of city life and because of this we can set the challenges for the students in our care, rather than them taking uncalculated risks themselves.


All our schools follow the Cambridge International Examinations curriculum throughout: the fastest growing and most highly rated curriculum in the world.  We aim to ensure our children become independent learners and to always value knowledge and learning; something they will take on as a lifelong venture, not just as a theme unique to their time in school.   Teaching is varied, with us ensuring that students receive a huge variety of stimuli, whether auditory, visual, perceptual or kinesthetic.


Principally, though we believe in ‘learning by doing’ whether that is in the classroom, on the sports field or in the music hall.  Our children are regularly assessed through public examinations and internationally benchmarked testing.  At regular intervals in their school career students sit CEM (Centre for Educational Management at Durham University) tests and at key points they take Checkpoint, IGCSE, AS and A Level Examinations.  Most of our young people will go on to universities in South Africa, UK and the USA, with some staying behind to do their studies at home.  University is not for everyone, however, and some of the more technically minded practical young people will be studying for OCR (Cambridge) Technicals from January 2016, rather than the more traditional IGCSE/A level route.


On the sporting field we look to compete with other Zambian Independent Schools in team sports and further afield we take our rowing team down to the South African Championships and our swimmers, equestrian competitors, motocross bikers, fishers and cyclists compete both nationally and internationally.  Our musicians put on regular performances, while working towards ABRSM examinations and our budding actors and actresses perform to much more local audiences.  Outdoor pursuits are a big thing at the school, with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award at the forefront and camping, trekking, climbing, kayaking and fishing making up the key activities.


We have just finished planning an outdoor pursuits centre to include all these pursuits and more and we look forward to this being completed in the near future.  Students have a chance to travel both locally, nationally and internationally, with the latest cultural trip going to France, Belgium and The UK and the next Outdoor Pursuits Trip consisting of a trek to Everest Base Camp.  Being educated at a Trident Schools is a truly all round experience, with students preparing to be the leaders of the future, ready to cope with the rigours of the world beyond school.


Words are fine things, but seeing us in action paints a thousands words.  Please do arrange a visit to our schools: we can always organise a heavily subsidised flight for you to fly you up from Lusaka.  A green oasis awaits you the other side of the bustling mining town of Solwezi or you can drive the other way, westwards, to Trident Prep Kalumbila.


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The Trident Group


Educore Services provides world class, sustainable education through all its schools and colleges.


The Educore family includes three school groups providing inclusive education at all levels of the community, and at our Educore Teacher's Academy.



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