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About Kabitaka

Our distinctive educational model can be summarised as follows:


•  An African solution which reflects the culture of Zambia and the Southern African region, whilst appealing to both Zambian and international pupils


•  A holistic approach, bringing together the highest academic standards with the development and nurturing of every child


•  The development of young people’s leadership potential which may, in the future, be exercised in Zambia or the wider world


•  Opportunities for education beyond the classroom – particularly outdoors


The Curriculum


Our curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of all children at the school, ensuring that they are suitably challenged while aiming for excellence in all areas.


A broad and balanced curriculum allows children the opportunity to access knowledge while learning skills. Team and individual sport, outdoor education, Music, Art, Design and Technology, Drama and extra-curricular clubs and activities complement the more traditional academic subjects.


We follow the Cambridge Curriculum, blended with our own cross curricular topic based programme and we offer IGCSEs.


Teaching is delivered by qualified and experienced staff who know the children as individuals, and tailor their lessons to address the needs of each child. We acknowledge that inspirational teaching has to be at the heart of all we do. Using the best mix of traditional and modern teaching methods, we constantly strive to stimulate the children’s intellect and captivate their imagination.


Our Christian ethos


Developing a spiritual awareness is fundamental to our approach. Human beings are composed of body, mind and soul. Failure to nourish, stimulate and develop any one of these is done at the expense of the whole person. By teaching children kindness, concentration, willpower, selflessness, strength of character, honesty and other higher qualities, life is made richer.


Our schools are open to all faiths and none, but children are educated within the framework of a broadly Christian ethos which has, at its centre, an emphasis on love of one’s self and an equal love for one’s fellow human being. Although Christian ethics will be central to the way we conduct ourselves within the school, Religious Education is devoted to learning about all the major world religions.




The Sentinel Group


Educore Services provides world class, sustainable education through all its schools and colleges.


The Educore family includes three school groups providing inclusive education at all levels of the community, and at our Educore Teacher's Academy.



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